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C# coding

Step 1: Given a file of data, read the data and parse it based on a fixed given field headers. To download the file, select the following link:Unit 4 Sample Data.

The file is a comma delimited file with the following record structure:

FirstName Character Size (12)

LastName Character Size (16)

Company Character Size (32)

Address Character Size (32)

City Character Size (24)

County Character Size (24)

State Character Size (2)

ZIP Number Size (5)

Phone Character Size (12)

Fax Character Size (12)

Email Character Size (32)

Web Character Size (42)

Step 2:Once the file is loaded, sort the data inascendingorder based on theLastNamefield. Display the following fields:

First name

Last name


Step 3: Sort the data indescendingorder based on theZIPfield, and display the following fields:

First name

Last name



Step 4: Display the record (all fields) for everyone that is in the state "NY"

Step 5: Submit the source code for the solution and the output for the 3 lists that are specified below. You can use any appropriate algorithm in the solution.

1.Sorted data based on last name

2.Sorted data based on ZIPEveryone in the state of NY


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