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EIGA501 Introduction to 3D Graphics – Coursework One version 1.1 -2013 1 EIGA501 – Introduction to 3D Graphics Module leader: Philip Trwoga Unit: Coursework 1 Weighting: 25% Qualifying mark: 30% Description: 3D Game Learning Outcomes Covered in this Assignment: Creating objects from primitives Transformation Use of Pull/Push Matrix Simple collision detection Correct use of GLUT library Writing understandable code User interaction Real-­-time graphics Handed Out: 7th October 2013 Due Date: 11/11/13 at 10am via Blackboard Expected deliverables Cpp files only Method of Submission: Electronic submission on BB via a provided link close to the submission time. The file you upload should have the following structure: Yourfullname_IDnumber.doc or Yourfullname_IDnumber.pdf Type of Feedback and Due Date: Feedback will given during student demonstration of the code During Week 8 EIGA501 Introduction to 3D Graphics – Coursework One version 1.1 -2013 2 EIGA501 Introduction to 3D Graphics Coursework One This coursework is worth 25% of the total module mark Set: 7th October 2011 Due: 11th November 2013 by 10AM Learning Outcomes: 1) GLUT framework 2) Drawing primitives in OpenGL 3) Rotation transformation 4) Basic collision detection 5) Introduction real-time graphics Description You are to build a simple 2D game (with some 3D effects) in OpenGL and the by using GLUT toolkit to assist you. The game is loosely based on the classic 80s game ‘Asteroids’. A mock-up of the game screen is shown in figure 1 below. The game will be extended into 3D in coursework 2. The game scenario consists of a spacecraft in the centre of the screen. The ‘asteroids’ appear at the start of the game and the spacecraft can turn freely about its axis by and fire missiles at the asteroids. The asteroids themselves do not translate but rotate slowly about their axis. If a missile fired from the ship strikes an asteroid, the asteroid disappears and the score is increased by 10 points. Once all the asteroids...



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