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This pseudocode segment is intended to describe computing the cost per day for a 7 day
// vacation and displaying the cost per day. The user enters a value for total dollars available
// to spend and can continue to enter new dollar amounts while the amount entered is not 0.
// For each new amount entered, if the amount of money available to spend per day is below
// $100, a message displays.
num totalDollarsAvailable
num ZERO = 0
while totalDollarsAvailable not = zero

output "Enter the total dollars that are available or", ZERO, " to quit"
input totalDollars

num dollarsPerMonth
num WEEK = 7
dollarsPerDay = totalDollarsToSpend / WEEK
output "Your cost per day is ", dollarsPerDay
if dollarsPerDay > GOOD_TIME_MINIMUM then
output "Your cost per day is low. You better search for a bargain vacation"
output "Enter the total dollars that are available or", ZERO, " to quit"
input totalDollarsAvailable

output "Have a nice day good bye"
Write the pseudocode for this exercise. NOTE: The pseudocode should NOT be more than 15 lines of code and you do NOT need to use modules (unless you want to) so do not over-think this exercise! Here it is:

Looking up a word in a real (book, not online) dictionary can be a complicated process. For example, assume you want to look up the word logic. You might open the dictionary to a random page and see juice. You know that word comes alphabetically before logic, so you flip some amount of pages forward and then see the word lamb. That is still not far enough, so you flip forward some more pages and see monkey. That means you have gone too far, so now you flip back, and so on. Write pseudocode that describes the process of looking up a word in a dictionary. Have your program input a word (like "logic" for example) and then have the logic of your pseudocode locate the page that that word is located on. To make the assignment a little bit easier, assume that a page in the dictionary INCLUDES both the left and right page as a SINGLE page - so, your program can compare your input word with the first word on the top left page and also compare your input word to the last word on the bottom right pag


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