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// This pseudocode should determine the rental fees for cars and // outputs the cartype and rental rate. // Standard cars rent for $65 per day; compacts rent for $40 per day // and subcompacts rent for $30 per day // Rentals for at least 7 days receive a 20% discount // An error message is displayed if the car type is not valid start Declarations string carType num days num STD_RATE = 65 num COM_RATE = 42 num SUB_RATE = 30 num DAYS_FOR_DISCOUNT = 7 num DISCOUNT_RATE = 0.20 string QUIT = "ZZZZ" getReady() while carType <> QUIT detailLoop() endwhile finish() stop
getReady() output "Enter car type or ", QUIT, " to quit " input carType return
detailLoop() output "Enter days rented " input days if carType = "Standard" then rate = SUB_RATE else if car_Type = "Compact" then price = COM_RATE else if carType = "Subcompact" then rate = SUB_RATE else rate = 0 output "Invalid car type" endif endif if rate <> 0 then rate = rate * days if days >= DAYS_FOR_DISCOUNT then rate = rate - rate * DISCOUNT_RATE endif output carType, rate endif output "Enter car type or ", QUIT, " to quit " input carType return
finish() output "End of program" return

2 Write the pseudocode for a program that accepts the following phone call data continuously until a sentinel value is entered: customer area code (three digits), customer phone number (seven digits), called area code (three digits), called number (seven digits), and call time in minutes (four digits). Display the calling number, called number, and price for the call.The Norman Telephone Company charges 10 cents per minute for all calls outside the customer s area code that last over 20 minutes. All other calls are 13 cents per minute

3 The Barking Lot is a dog day care center. Write the pseudocode using modules for the following:

A program that continuously accepts data for an ID number of a dog s owner until a sentinel value is entered. The other data that is entered are the name, breed, age, and weight of the dog. Display a bill (invoice) containing all the input data as well as the weekly daycare fee which is $60 for dogs under 15 pounds, $80 for dogs at least 15 to 30 pounds inclusive, $100 for dogs from 31 to 80 pounds inclusive, and $125 for dogs over 80 pounds


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