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Program 5 :: 20 points :: Due See Blackboard @ 11:59 PM This problem asks you to read in six integer numbers from the user and then determine and print what the largest and smallest of those values are. When you perform your output, display it on a line by itself and print out the smallest value, followed immediately by a colon, followed immediately by the largest value. Print the final output only once. Here is an incomplete bit of code that can use to get you started: int value, smallest, largest; Scanner get = new Scanner ( ); System.out.print( "Please enter first integer: " ); value = get.nextInt(); // Start processing and reading more numbers to determine largest // and smallest. // Don't use logical operators (&&,||) or the if/else statement; // we haven't covered them. // Don't forget to output the final results only once! Goals Edit, compile and run a simple and fairly straightforward program with a small snippet of code to use to get started. You do not need to use this starter code if you don't want to. Create integer variables and use them appropriately in the program. Input values from the user and store those values into variables. Find the largest and smallest of a set of integer numbers. Use only the if selection statement to make conditional decisions. Class and File Naming Name your class NetID_SmallestLargest and source file, using your UNO NetID. For example, for Loki account jsmith, he or she would create a class jsmith_SmallestLargest. Submitting Your File See the document in Blackboard Course Materials for how to submit your assignment. Grading Notes Remember that programs must be created in Loki using vim. Remember that your program requires a complete, digitally signed Honor Pledge to be graded. Only use material through lecture 5. By this point, we‚??ve covered if, if/else and logical operators. You may not need to use all of those structures or operators, and in fact your...


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