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Steel is by far the most suitable material to use for the structure of a building

please see attached assignment and follow the instruction carefully.

It is a 1500 essay,give or take 10%.on why steel is more suitable to use for structure of a building.

please touch on the following below,

1 High quality, aesthetic
2, Lower maintenance costs
3, Fire resistant
4, Steel is environmentally friendly
5, Components can be used again and again
6, Steel components are frequently functional
7,Steel construction is strong, durability and stability
8, Steel Construction promotes good design and safety
9, Construction with Steel is sustainable to Temperature effects
10, Steel frame construction is rigid in structure and dimensionally stable
11, Steel can be re-used without effecting the environment
12, Construction with Steel components is very fast compared to other materials
13, Steel construction of buildings with steel components is resistant to termites and other destructive insects.
14, Steel constructions are cheaper than any other construction methods
15, Steel construction is a fast method of construction

Again please see the grading criteria in the attatched to answer the questions accordingly.


Document Preview:

THIS WORK BEING PRESENTED BY YOU FOR ASSESSMENT MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK Declaration I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own MY SIGNATURE DATE Assignment Brief Course HND Construction Unit 2 – Science and Materials for Construction and the Built Environment Level 4 Lecturer’s Name Paul Mason Assignment No 1 Title Reflective Essay Date Issued 29/01/2014 Latest Submission Date 05/03/2014 Learner Name Student Number THERE IS A STRICT DEADLINE FOR THE HAND-IN DATE OF ASSIGNMENTS If work is not completed and handed in by the deadline achievement of the qualification may be delayed by up to one year You are required to submit a hard copy of your work to the unit lecturer on or before the latest submission date. Additionally you are to upload an electronic version of your work via the link on Moodle. E-mailed copies will not be accepted Attainment Cross when achieved Pass P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 Merit M1 Distinction D1 D2 Introduction The overall aim of this unit is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the properties of materials in the construction industry and their suitability for the purposes for which they are specified. It is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate your self-learning, research, critical reflection and individual opinion. Grading Criteria P1 Considered introduction that presents the work and identifies the writer’s opinion. P2 Consider several properties of materials that are relevant to the argument. Stated properties, uses and relevance of materials must be correct. P3 Consider alternative materials in relation to the considered properties. P4 Provide a conclusion to compliment the stated opinion. P5 Comprehensive bibliography P6 Work presented professionally in an essay format and within word count limit. M1 Provide further analysis and consideration of the properties and functionality of the selected materials D1 Provide...



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